How to Work Less & Make More Money


Let me ask you a Question: How is it that some people earn fabulous sums of money working only part time or even less, while most people spend more than a third of their time working and still barely have enough to scrape by???

Do you know the answer to this? Well if you do, CONGRATULATIONS! Understanding how other people build wealth and financial freedom will give you the power to do the same, if you choose.

The answer to the question is that the people who earn more money in less time understand the power of leveraged incomes! People all throughout history have found ways to leveraged their time and efforts so that they earn massive amounts of money WITH VERY LITTLE EFFORT.

One of the most basic and common ways to leverage ones income is by owning a business. Have you ever wondered why business owners are among the wealthiest people while it is the employees who do all of the work?

If You Are an Employee, You Are Trading Your TIME FOR MONEY. This is obviously fine for earning a living, but it is not ok for anyone who wants to build wealth. Why? Because in order to build wealth you cannot have a limit on your income, but anytime you trade your time to earn a paycheck, you are greatly limiting your earning potential.

But business owners are not limited because they understand the power of leveraged income. They know that in order to earn a massive amount of money, they need to increase their leverage. They do this by utilizing employees to bring money into the business while paying them less than the value that they create.

There are other ways to leverage yourself so that you earn money is a much more effective fashion. Network marketing is great examples. Everyone knows that network marketers can earn six or even seven figure incomes yearly, and the answer is LEVERAGE.

You can also leverage your income by using new technology. For example, the internet has created many new vehicles for wealth. My favorite way to leverage my income online is to create websites that generate profits.

Making your own website, in my humble opinion, is better than having an employee because websites never sleep, they never get tired, and they can work and earn money for your around the clock. With a profitable website, you can earn more with little or no work. That is what I call leverage!!

But no matter what path you take, just remember that the power of leveraged incomes can give you the power to rise above the mediocrity that most people experience throughout their lives. Find ways to leverage your time, effort, and income so that you can enjoy earning huge sums of money and still have plenty of time and energy to live life to the fullest.

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